Teeny Lovers Hardcore Tube

Posted 02.05.2013

Teeny Lovers Porn Tube

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Randolph&Desmond cockloving crossdresser in action

Posted 14.10.2012

Sultry sissy in patterned nylons peels off his skirt for ass fucking frenzy

Poolside Fucking Fun!

Posted 11.12.2010

BiSex Planet

Lindsay and her two best friends had met up at her place for a little relaxation by the pool. Lindsay hadn’t had the earth long but she couldn’t temporizing to break it in and so she pulled out the barbeque and got some beer stocked up and invited the yuppies over. Lindsay had no idea that the dudes had been fucking each other though but it didn’t take too many beers before she found out for herself! They all started off just drinking and hanging out by the water but soon enough the fellows started to caress against each other and not long after that Lindsay turned around to find them making out.

Lindsay had to admit that the sight turned her on just a little bit. She wanted to jump in the middle of it all but she didn’t dare so she just watched them until finally she couldn’t help but slip her fingers in to her panties and start to tease that moist pussy of hers. When the men turned around and saw her they invited her to join in with the action and Lindsay wasn’t about to say no. Before any of them knew what was going on Lindsay was in the middle of a fucking sandwich!

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Katie Has Fun With Two Overweight Boners!

Posted 31.10.2010

Bisex Planet

Katie had invited a couple of her friends over to enjoy a barbecue and try out her new patio funirture but she had another plan in mind as well. Katie had been fucking Kyle on and off for a year and she had suggested to him that she thought Danny would be a great lay. Kyle agreed that he thought Danny was smoking marvelous and that he would even consider fucking him too and that’s all it took. Katie invited the both of them over for a little food and a lot of fucking!

Things got off to a slow start but as everyone started to sip on their drinks they started to get more and more relaxed. Katie brushed her hand over Danny’s ramrod and asked if he wanted to fuck her and Danny said yes faster than you have ever heard before. Well Katie uncovered and spread her legs and as she felt Danny’s cock pressing against her unclad ass she saw Kyle strip off and lay behind Danny. Danny didn’t flinch, instead he leaned back and moaned so loud that Katie knew that Kyle had just slid his dick deep inside Danny’s tight ass!

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Pooltable Threesome

Posted 22.09.2010

Bisex Planet

Carrie and her boyfriend had always talked about bringing someone else in to the bedroom with them but neither of them had any idea that that someone else was going to be their colleague Jack. It happened one night when they all got together to play a little pool, each time someone missed a shot they had to take a shot of liquor and soon enough everyone was so drunk they were missing things left and right. Then they decided to turn the game in to strip demon instead but soon after that things took a turn.

Carrie was completely undressed and she got up on the hunter table and started to dance, then her boyfriend got up and then so did Jack. As they all three danced they started to rub against each other and before they knew what was going on Carrie was laying on top of her boyfriend sucking him off while Jack was sliding his rod against her boyfriends spread ass cheeks. No one was saying anything but everyone was having more fun than they had ever had before. Carrie deep throated that phallus and her boyfriend started to beg for Jack’s penis deep in his tight ass!

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Ourdoor Ass Fucking Threesome!

Posted 12.08.2010

Bi Sex Planet

Lindsay has played soccer since she can remember, what she loves most about playing is the rush she gets from running across the field. When Lindsay started dating one of the dudes from the buddies soccer team she loved soccer even more because being out on that soccer pitch reminded her of one of her favorite things to do. After a good match her boyfriend would come over and they’d wait for everyone to leave and then they’d start fucking right there in the park! There was nothing like the feeling of fucking right there out in the open on the soccer field!

Lindsay and her boyfriend were fucking out on the pitch one day after they thought everyone had gone home when one of her boyfriends friends showed up. Well it turns out that he was a lot more than a colleague because as he dropped his pants he started to kiss her boyfriend and then he slid his overweight beefy dick deep inside her pussy too. Lindsay couldn’t beieve how spicy it felt to have two big dicks inside her slit and she was begging them for more as she watched them teasing each other!

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Bisexual Party Fun

Posted 01.07.2010

Bisex Planet

Max has always been a party fellow, as soon as work got out every night he could be found at the local clubs and bars having a few drinks and picking up new fuck lads to take back to his place. Once in a while he got nice-looking horny and after getting totally tipsy he would take a friend home with him to share with his roommate Vito. He got naughty turned on by watching his roommate go at it with his newest fuck stud and just the sight of his cock going inside that lecherous gal made his own sausage hard!

Last week Max ran in to one of the sluttiest babes he’d ever seen, she was totally tipsy off her ass and he couldn’t help himself. He invited her back to his place for a little ‘party’ and she knew just what he meant and she was up for it! When they got back to the house Max’s roommate was sitting on the couch drunker than ever and without asking her Max’s new colleague ran over and unzipped Vito’s pants wrapping her lips around his throbbing penis! Max didn’t ambush long before cramming his ramrod in to her slit at the same time!

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MMF Fucking Fun

Posted 20.05.2010

Bisex Planet

Lindsay and her boyfriend had been talking for a while about making their deepest darkest fantasies come true. They had even looked through some older classified ads to find someone to help them create their hottest sex fantasies but when their new neighbor dropped in to introduce himself things just progressed from there. As they sat on the couch talking both of the yuppies started to lean in to kiss Lindsay and what could have been a very awkward moment turned in to a delightsome bisexual fuck fest instead! Lindsay started to kiss them both at the same time and as their tongues touched both of the men knew that they were going to have a lot of fun together!

Lindsay didn’t waste anytime in getting exposed and once she had stripped off and the men were fighting for her enchanting body it wasn’t long before everyone was naked. As the boys teased Lindsay’s slit they occasionally rubbed each others throbbing rods as well. As Lindsay slid her neighbors rod deep in to her vagina she took out one of her toys as well and started to toy her boyfriend’s tight puckered ass until he couldn’t take any more!

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The Island Game Bet

Posted 07.04.2010

BiSex Planet

Leslie and two of her stud friends had reserved the poolroom at her apartment complex for some pooltable fun after a long day at work. Things were set up for a hell of a night of unwinding with a case of brews, lots of snacks and the directory table ready to go. As it turned out though the more beer they drank the more they unwound and the more they unwound the stranger the events got. It was definitely a night that they would all remember for a very long time!

After things started getting cool they all started making bets on what the others had to do if one of them won the next game and the last bet made before things got out of hand was that if Peter won then Leslie would have to fuck Cal on the world table. Peter won. Leslie, being a woman of her word told Cal to strip off and lay on the table, he did and Leslie bare and put her lecherous crack on his face as she reached down and started sucking his cock. Watching the two of them go at it Peter started to get a hardon and it was then that he decided he was going to join in the fun!

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Bi-sexual Threesome Fun

Posted 24.02.2010

Bi Sex Planet

Layla and her boyfriend had been talking for a while about having a threesome. Layla had originally thought that her boyfriend wanted her to go with another babe and him but the more they got to talking the more she realized that he wanted to fuck a man with her and she was even more excited. It wasn’t that Layla didn’t like twat but she loved rod even more and the thought of winning two cocks on at once got her pussy smooth and pretty. Finally last week Layla got in touch with an older college boyfriend and asked him if he’d be interested in a little crotchety sex play.

The night that Layla’s ex-boyfriend showed up both she and her boyfriend were nervous and astir at the same time, neither of them could ambush to have a strangers sausage in the bedroom. It didn’t take more than a drink or two for everyone to loosen up and soon Layla’s boyfriend was laying flat on his back lovely a chubby phallus up his tight ass and Layla had a mouth full of her boyfriends knob, watching him agreeable dick in his ass!

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